Saturday, 15 December 2012



Omanawanui: Patience, steadfastness, fortitude; to have patience; patient, steadfast; courageous and persevering

On the cliffs high above the ocean, Omanawanui feels like my spiritual home.  I feel alive there, at peace.

You have to earn it - I will never run there from the closest entry point on Whatipu Road (it's about 2-3km to the trig from there). Until I am not able to any more, I will only run it as the end of a 15 or 21km loop from Whatipu (the route used by the "Wild Turkey" trail run), or as part of a run along the mighty Hillary Trail. In that way I respect the beauty and the toughness of Omanawanui, and will never forget how grateful I am to be able to run in this beautiful country.

The view down towards Whatipu and beyond

Looking back towards the Manukau Harbour

The seat on the second headland

Thank you Terry

It was still early when I took these shots

Finally made the top! Not pretty, but it's a long way up!

What a morning for it

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